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Re: Low acceptance of Elektra

On 08/02/12 14:21, Felix Berlakovich wrote:

> I recently stumbled over Elektra (http://www.libelektra.org/
<http://www.libelektra.org/> but the page seems to be unreachable at the time of
this writing) and because I find the idea of a central configuration store very
interesting I’ve done some research. Anyway I had to realize that its acceptance
is generally very low although I think it could provide some huge advantages to
tools like webmin.

If you want an API to access and modify configuration files have a look at
<http://augeas.net/>. It basically transforms a configuration file into a tree and
offers an API for traversing/modifying the tree with XPath like expressions.

The great benefit is that the augeas api is really simple, and you can basically
transform most configuration files. There is also _no_ need for upstream projects
to modify their configuration format, they can either just provide appropriate
lenses themselves or wait for contributions.

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