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Re: Recommends for metapackages

On Viernes, 13 de julio de 2012 08:05:10 Gergely Nagy wrote:


> On one hand, you have, in the depends case:


> # apt-get remove gstreamer-plugins-good


> Which will try to remove the whole world, including the meta, and that

> will ring alarm bells.


> Or in the recommends case:


> # apt-get remove gstreamer-plugin-good


> Which will remove a bunch of stuff, but leave the meta installed.


> In the latter case, you have gnome installed, without a video or audio

> player. Gnome sucks.


No. You have decided to remove gstreamer-plugins-good, so you should have a reason for that, and know why you issued such a command with such an strange-named package. So you will not think "Gnome sucks because it does not play video". You will think "It is normal that Gnome does not play video using gstreamer, I decided to remove one of its components. Thanks god I installed Xine."


> > Did you consider creating your own meta-package? It shouldn't take you

> > more than 5 minutes to write an apt hook to get the control file and

> > s/Recommends/Depends/


> I did not, as the existing meta-package works exactly how it should, and

> fulfills my expectations. If it bothers you so much, you can do the

> s/Depends/Recommends/ too. ;)


We are discussing because it does NOT work exactly how it should: It is a meta-package for a desktop that messes up unrelated things (the network) that may be deemed critical for a system.



Noel Torres

er Envite

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