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Re: Fixing the mime horror ini Debian

On Friday 13 July 2012 13:45:19 Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> * Per Olofsson <pelle@dsv.su.se> [120713 12:18]:
> > 1. Rewrite xdg-utils so that it is robust and always works.
> It you want to make xdg-open useable for everything, please also
> add a way to specify the mime type as option. Without that using
> it for opening mail attachements or stuff downloaded (i.e. things
> that already show a mime type before you open it) is simply
> introducing a security bug.

It appears that this has been done already, at least kfmclient accepts 
mimetype as an option. However, for such sensitive use cases, I'd rather skip 
the yet another level of indirection of having to second-guess an "opener" 
app, being it xdg-open, kfmclient or any other, by mimetype hints, and just 
inspect/dissect/open the suspicious thing as I find it most appropriate 
depending on the circumstances (available inspection apps, time, etc)

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