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Re: Recommends for metapackages

Thibaut Paumard <mlotpot.news@free.fr> writes:

> Le 12/07/12 11:06, Gergely Nagy a écrit :
>> Lets consider another case! Suppose I have Install-Recommends turned on,
>> and install a theoretical meta package, that has half of its stuff in
>> recommends, because they're not strictly necessary, but merely enhance
>> the system. Lets suppose one of these enhancements include a tool I use
>> every once in a while, but not daily.
> A later upgrade to your beloved meta-package could very well drop this
> dependency.

While that may happen, that is far more unlikely than the case I
outlined, and a case I can live with.

> If that's a tool that you know you want, I strongly suggest
> you mark it as manually installed.

Problem is, at the time I installed the meta, I did not know about this
particular tool. It came with the platform, and I really do not want to
care which part of the platform it is.

It came with it, I expect it will stay as long as it is part of the

Recommends breaks that assumption.

>> As for why I wouldn't notice? Because I trust the system to do the right
>> thing, and I do automatic, unattended upgrades. Not an uncommon thing to
>> do, I believe.
> You should always check what your package manager wants to remove.

Why? In my setup, it will never remove things that are not marked
auto-install. I ensure that my system works, by having all dependencies
satisfied. (And any recommends or suggests I do need, I install by hand)

I do unattended upgrades for a reason: I don't want to spend time on
double-guessing something that should work automatically.

> In my experience, more often than not, aptitude tries to remove the
> full gnome metapackage because of a temporarily unavailable depends.

Well, mine won't do that, as I don't have gnome marked auto-install, so
it will abort the upgrade instead.

However, if things would move down to Recommends, it would happily
proceed to remove things I do use, just because I didn't install it by

And here we get back to the same issue others had: manual
bookkeeping. But this time, with recommends.

So pray tell me, how is Recommends any better, when I have to resort to
manual bookkeeping anyway?


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