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Re: Recommends for metapackages

Gergely wrote:
>Henrique de Moraes Holschuh <hmh@debian.org> writes:
>> IMO, metapackages should "depend" on the absolutely required stuff (and many
>> times that will be the empty set), "recommend" the rest, and maybe even
>> "suggest" fringe packages.  This achieves maximum usability for more
>> usecases, and malfunctions only in the unsupported case of "no install
>> recommends by default" -- you should skip recommends always in a
>> case-by-case basis.
>That also achives maximum annoyance, because if I want the full
>platform, I'll have to go recommends/suggest hunting. (No, I'm *not*
>going to turn on install-recommends.)

Right. So you're arguing that all the packages should be listed as
Depends: to make *your* life easier, when you're doing something
different from what's recommended. Thanks for showing how much weight
we should attach to your argument.

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