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Re: Recommends for metapackages

> > Installing N-M breaks unrelated software.


> That is a bug in network-manager, not in gnome-core.


> That bug is not fixed nor worked around by making it easier to avoid the

> broken package.


No. It is not a broken package. It does what it is designed to do. The bug is having it as a Depends when it is not a dependency. The solution is having it as a Recommends. This will work for most users (since most users install Recommends by default), while giving FREEDOM OF CHOICE for those who are expertised enough to decide if installing Recommends or not.


Everything else (like not installing the metapackage and cherrypicking packages, creating ad-hoc metapackage or scripting) are workarounds.


Removing it by hand with dpkg -P --force-depends is an uglier workaround, and the only one available to people without expertise programming/packaging/hunting cherries.



Noel Torres

er Envite

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