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Re: Recommends for metapackages

> Yet, we try to not diverge much from upstream, and maintain a good

> relationship with them. If they consider it core, so can we. Those who

> want to hand-pick parts of a meta package, can do so, we do not forbid.


If we want to be user friendly, it is not a matter of "we do not forbid", it is a matter of "we make easy". Besides, low-level users will install Recommends by default, so they will get the whole box anyway. But medium or high level users may probably want N-M not to mess their network EVEN if they want the whole gnome desktop set.


> I do not see the problem: those who want the full platform, can get it

> easily. Those who don't, and want to exclude some, they can do so easily

> too. A bit more work, but hey, if you're going to cherry pick, that will

> always involve more work.


> The amount of extra work necessary is minimal though.


Not so minimal if you want your gnome set to be up to date, including new applications being installed.


What we should do is to allow TWO levels of cherry-picking: the one for advanced users who want to individually select every package, and the other for users who want the whole set without a specific, molesting package. If that package is not a true dependency of the core of the set, Recommends is more than justified.



Noel Torres

er Envite

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