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Re: Bug#679078: ITP: acpi-support-minimal -- minimal acpi scripts

 ❦  9 juillet 2012 10:06 CEST, Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> :

>> Yes, this would send the XF86ScreenSaver which would kick the
>> screensaver of the currently displayed X session. This is another
>> (imperfect) way to solve the problem of locking the user's screen
>> without needing either an entry in /var/run/utmp or consolekit.
> But this is not the problem. If it was just the screensaver a hard dependency
> wouldn't be needed. After all screensaver itself is only recommended. The
> problem we were facing was that acpi-support has to figure out if other power
> management software was running before acting itself. And for that the X
> session information is needed.

OK, I misunderstood the problem. I thought the difficulty was to fire
the screensaver on the behalf of the active user. Isn't the information
about running a power management software available through DBus?
if (user_specified)
    /* Didn't work, but the user is convinced this is the
     * place. */
        2.4.0-test2 /usr/src/linux/drivers/parport/parport_pc.c

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