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Re: Bug#679078: ITP: acpi-support-minimal -- minimal acpi scripts

 ❦ 26 juin 2012 14:48 CEST, Michael Meskes <meskes@debian.org> :

>> I'll be reopening 665987, but if that gets closed again I'd be very
>> happy to switch to acpi-support-minimal from my now locally built
>> acpi-support packages w/ the consolekit dependency removed.
> I'm not sure I like the attitude here. "If that gets closed again" sounds like
> I was closing the bug without a reason, which I didn't. I'm absolutely willing
> to listen to ideas of solving this, which imo would be a much better solution
> than creating an additional package that will only partly work. But please don't
> forget that upstream started using consolekit for a reason. 

The bug is already closed but I'd like to share another solution: I am
using "acpi_fakekey $KEY_COFFEE" which sends XF86ScreenSaver key to the
currently displayed X server. This is not foolproof (only one X server,
only if it is currently displayed) but it is far simpler than other
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