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Re: Best Practices on testing-proposed-updates vs unstable vs experimental after testing freeze

Le 25/06/2012 19:35, Aron Xu a écrit :
> Hi,
> Regarding your question, it is recommended to do as follow during freeze:
> unstable: any version that you would like to hit testing soon, so it's
> the version that Release Team agreed (or likely) to unblock it.

unstable would also works for new packages: they will sit here until
the release happens but they do not block anything nor prevent
migration of other packages.

> experimental: any version that won't make its way to unstable,
> including usual experimental stuff as well as things that Release Team
> aren't likely to have in testing during the freeze, for example
> significant upstream releases.
> testing-proposed-updates: only use it when you haven't followed above
> suggestions, that is to say you have a higher version number in
> unstable which won't migrate to testing, in the case you can't upload
> your fix for the testing version to unstable as usual and you have to
> upload it to testing-pu instead.
> Because packages uploaded to testing-proposed-updates are unlikely to
> have so much testing as in unstable, it's discouraged to be used
> unless necessary (versioning issues). So please make sure that
> unstable is only for versions actually destined for testing. :-)
> --
> Regards,
> Aron Xu

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