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Re: Best Practices on testing-proposed-updates vs unstable vs experimental after testing freeze


Regarding your question, it is recommended to do as follow during freeze:

unstable: any version that you would like to hit testing soon, so it's
the version that Release Team agreed (or likely) to unblock it.

experimental: any version that won't make its way to unstable,
including usual experimental stuff as well as things that Release Team
aren't likely to have in testing during the freeze, for example
significant upstream releases.

testing-proposed-updates: only use it when you haven't followed above
suggestions, that is to say you have a higher version number in
unstable which won't migrate to testing, in the case you can't upload
your fix for the testing version to unstable as usual and you have to
upload it to testing-pu instead.

Because packages uploaded to testing-proposed-updates are unlikely to
have so much testing as in unstable, it's discouraged to be used
unless necessary (versioning issues). So please make sure that
unstable is only for versions actually destined for testing. :-)

Aron Xu

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