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Best Practices on testing-proposed-updates vs unstable vs experimental after testing freeze

I am confused that where to upload packages after testing freeze.

Give a package foobar, version 1.0 is planned to be included in the
next release.
And now, the version 2.0 released, I want make it available in Debian,
in either unstable or experimental.

Now  I have several choice:
1. upload 2.0 to experimental, and unstable users should install it manually.
2. upload 2.0 to unstable, and unstable users can install it directly, while
    if 1.0.1 released and fixes an important bug, I have to upload it
    and it seems that we treated testing-proposed-updates the same as testing.
    testing-proposed-updates has no several days to testing

And I am also confused by the connection of proposed-updates and updates.

YunQiang Su

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