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Re: File naming of scripts in /etc/init.d

Steve R. Petruzzello, 2012-06-25 13:51+0200:
> the Debian Policy Manuel, and one can read (subsection 9.3.2 Writing the
> scripts) that "These scripts should be named /etc/init.d/package". I failed to
> find another reference to script naming in the rest of the document.
> So […] 2) some scripts are not named by
> their package's name (hwclock.sh is part of the util-linux package).

About this specific point, while it is relevant to name scripts by the
name of their package, I do not think it should be too strict. Such a
recommendation exists to maintain a bit of order and to avoid conflicts.
However, there are examples of scripts which have a logical name which
is distinct from the name of their package, typically hwclock.sh.

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