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Re: duplicates in the archive


On 24.06.2012 19:51, Neil Williams wrote:
> Whatever happens, there is no place for yet another duplicate of
> packages which already have multiple duplicates in the archive.

Letting alone the package in particular (I don't even know it, nor do I
care), I wonder where you'd draw that line. As you say yourself: There
are lots of alternative packages in the archive already. So, what makes
all the other alternatives acceptable but this one not?

What makes 42 window manager acceptable but not 43?

> There isn't even any point waiting for such packages to get RC bugs to
> be able to remove them. Stop them getting in in the first place.

I'm not in favor to get yet another window manager in Debian. All I'm
saying is that filing a WNPP bug and wait whether a people complain loud
enough is not the way to learn that. Especially since a WNPP bug
complaints are not worth that much. If you happen to find a DD to upload
your stuff or you are DD yourself, you can silently ignore any comments
if you like and upload nonetheless.

That's how we end up with 42 display manager. Complaining on the 43th is
not the way to go.

Moreover, would you be a well respected Debian Developer today if your
replies to your first WNPP bug (if you filed any, I don't know) back
then told you to go away, nobody appreciates your work?

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
IRC: daemonkeeper on Freenode/OFTC
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