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Re: build-time testing of pure arch:all packages

On Fri, 22 Jun 2012, Paul Wise wrote:
> > I package a few Python modules and enable build-time testing in them for
> > at least some QA.  Some of the packages, although being pure Python
> > (thus architecture all), deal with data I/O thus prone to bugs related
> > to alignment/endianness etc.   Unfortunately I cannot spot those until
> > some dependent on them package hits them (e.g. happened quite a few
> > times with nibabel - nipy bundle).  Ideally I wish I could somehow
> > instruct build servers to build those source packages with only arch:all
> > binary packages, discarding any result and only keeping the logs.
> > I wonder if that is somehow possible to achieve cleanly ?
> You could run the build (with `./setup.py check` enabled as per usual)
> on all the porter boxes, we have a number of those for different
> architectures, at least until the autopkgtest infrastructure is
> created.

Good lord that I do not have that many of such packages in mind -- but
even with a single one it is quite a few boxes to login/run at
(thanks Debian!).

I was thinking about a bit more automated way... ideally (in the long
run) even that FTBFS (e.g. due to failed tests or some other arch
specific quirks) would forbid automatic migration  to wheezy etc --
kinda full blown benefits from the Debian infrastructure  without
much of work from my side ;)

But I guess the answer is that we do not have such facilities yet.  And
only solution for a lazy me would be to "modularize" the package to
carry e.g. python-MODULE-test arch:any package to cause the desired
benefits... but that would be evil and hopefully rejected by almighty
ftpmasters ;-)

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