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Re: DEP-8 extension proposal: Add source package header

[ M-F-T: autopkgtest-devel + people possibly not subscribed ]

On Thu, Jun 14, 2012 at 02:48:58PM +0200, Martin Pitt wrote:
> > Oh, that's nice, thanks! Is the test execution environment something
> > that can easily deployed elsewhere?


Thanks for the technical overview.

> > We should just agree upon a name. But if we want to have hopes to
> > promote it to something more official, I think it should rather be
> > independent from autopkgtest.
> Fully agree. It should be specific to this standard (developed as
> DEP-8), which does not have a name yet apparently?

That's correct, "autopkgtest" itself is the closest thing we have to a
short name for DEP-8. We can also use that has a name and consider it
the name of the test description format instead of the current sole
implementation of it. At this point, it would be as arbitrary as
anything else, so why note.

> > How about something like "XS-Testsuite: runtime", where the key is
> > actually a space separate list of values values.  Right now only
> > "runtime" [1] makes sense, but others might appear in the future.
> Perhaps "system-integration" or "install"/"installed" (as opposed to
> "build" test which are run during package build from debian/rules)
> might be clearer?
> I saw that coming: There would be little dispute about adding a
> header, but lots of difficulty to find a good name. :-)

Nah, we know better :-) As long as it is the field value (rather than
the name) which is dep8-specific, and as long it's open ended, anything
would do.  So if "XS-Testsuite: autopkgtest" is something you could live
with, I think we could just go ahead with it. Could you please amend the
patch in that direction, and making it explicit that one should look for
the chosen tag in a space separated list [1] rather than simply testing
for equality?


[1] or comma separated, I don't particularly care --- go for what works
    best for queries performed via python-apt, if there's a notion of
    multi-value fields at that level
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