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Re: Maintainers, teams, Uploaders, DMs, DDs, etc.


On 13.06.2012 19:46, Michael Gilbert wrote:
> I'm really not sure what your definition of drive-by is.  Sometimes
> I'll make time to look at a package interesting me, I'll communicate
> with the sponsoree, upload it if they address my concerns, then follow
> it for a little while to make sure nothing bad happened.  Is that a
> drive-by?

It's a drive-by upload if you disappear thereafter and you are not
replying to you sponsored maintainer's mails asking you for a follow-up

You are just describing how many (most?) sponsorship relations start and
that's perfectly fine. It's what happens (or rather: what's not
happening) afterwards which worries me in some cases.

with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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