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Re: Lets (eventually) find a good solution for /tmp

On 11/06/12 15:01, Aneurin Price wrote:
> as far as I am aware a swap file is the better
> choice in virtually all situations

<http://wiki.debian.org/Hibernation/Hibernate_Without_Swap_Partition> is
still current:

If you want to use hibernation (suspend-to-disk), you need roughly[0] as
much partion-based swap as you have RAM, unless you're using the setup
on that wiki page (using uswsusp, which is not installed by default;
have allocated a contiguous swap file; have made sure to use a
filesystem which will not move that file; done some dangerous[1] manual
configuration for uswsusp).

By default, GNOME's gnome-power-manager will just suspend
(suspend-to-RAM) under normal conditions; but if your laptop battery
gets critically low, it will automatically hibernate, because that's the
only way it can preserve what you were working on across total power
failure (i.e. not enough battery to keep your RAM alive). I think this
is a sensible approach.


[0] I believe the hibernation image is compressed, and doesn't include
disk cache, so you only need as much swap as you have "real data" in RAM

[1] "dangerous" as in "if you got the numbers wrong, you will trash
arbitrary parts of your filesystem next time you hibernate", as far as I
can see

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