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Re: gnome is completely f^Mmessed up

On Fri, Jun 08, 2012 at 02:26:23PM +0200, Florian Reitmeir wrote:
> Norbert Preining wrote:
> >is this only me or do I have the feeling that we are going down
> >the trench with Gnome?
> > ...
> >Is this a joke? Are we going to release that in June/July/whenever?
> i use gnome too, and for me its working very stable, and gnome3 is
> way better than gnome2.

I've recently tried to use Gnome, too, but while I got the (probably)
standard menus, I could not get it to work. Eg. I had 10-30 seconds for every
reaction to anything, like moving the mouse. Opening a menu, if it would
open, took much longer, but clicking on anything didn't work at all (ie,
the menu folded again, but there was no other reaction that I could see.

At last, I managed to kill the session and use something else again.
Anything else that I tried so far, including KDE, looked rock-solid and
lightning fast in comparison.

Kind regards,

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