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Re: gnome is completely f^Mmessed up

On Sat, Jun 09, 2012 at 09:27:05PM +0200, Roland Mas wrote:
> Stephen Allen, 2012-06-09 13:54:17 -0400 :
> [...]
> > +100 On that. Anyone that thinks 2 was better doesn't know much --
>   There's no call for that belittling.

You're right, poor choice of words. My apologies. ;-D
> > What most are saying is they liked the layout better (I think). In
> > that case Cinamon is a good choice; best of both worlds.
>   For what it's worth: what I liked better was the fact that the DE
> stayed out of the way.  From my few but good-faith Gnome Shell
> experiments[1], this is no longer the case except visually.
>   Gnome Shell (Gnome 3.4 in general, it seems) decided that I was no
> longer allowed a dedicated Meta key; instead, the Meta modifier moved to
> the Alt key (and I no longer have an Alt modifier).  As a regular Emacs
> user, I used to have both Meta-* and Alt-* shortcuts.  No longer.
>   Gnome Shell decided that Alt-Tab would switch amongst applications,
> and no longer amongst windows.  So when I have several open windows on
> the same desktop and I want to switch from one to another, I have to
> stop and think whether the new window I want to focus is of the same
> application as the one currently focused before I go Alt-Tab or
> Alt-key-above-tab.  If it is not, then I need to use both Alt-Tab and
> Alt-k-a-t in sequence.  And "same application" actually means "same
> instance of an application", so if I have two Emacs windows open I need
> to remember if I opened one from the other or if I started them
> independently.  This breaks the "flow".  To make things worse,
> applications are listed by name and not by window title, so my Gnus
> shows up the same as any other Emacs and I have no way to find out
> whether I'll end up focusing Gnus or another Emacs; I just have to focus
> one and hope it's the right one.
>   Oh yeah, right, there's an extension allowing to switch back to the
> standard Alt-Tab behaviour; except it doesn't restrict itself to the
> current workspace, so I get to browse through my dozens of windows.
>   Gnome Shell decided that if I overshoot when moving my mouse too close
> to the top-left corner I should be punished and forced to reach for my
> Escape key before I can actually click on wherever I wanted to click.

There's an extension that removes the hot corner. Right now it's in need
up an upgrade to work with 3.4, unfortunately.

Hey I hear you; I disliked GnomeShell at 1st too, but after using it I
gradually learned to work-a-round some of the issues and  others
were fixed by extensions. It's a major uprade and complelely new so I
know that it will get fleshed out as it matures. I like it's stability
and speed so, am not willing to trade that for the old way.

I gave Cinnamon a good shot, but found myself actually missing
Gnome-Shell, go figure! It looks cleaner I guess .... <shrug> 

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