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Re: gnome is completely f^Mmessed up

Il 08/06/2012 09:15, Norbert Preining ha scritto:
Hi everyone,

is this only me or do I have the feeling that we are going down
the trench with Gnome?
- first login: nautilus segfaults in libnautilus-fileroller.so
   after log out and log in it sometimes works
   starting it manually most of the times work, but not always
- ssh/gpg agent: most of the time just is completely useless
   either does not ask, or just segfaults in libglib-2.0
- plugging/unplugging power cord makes gnome-shell crash (known bug)
- ...
When I finally manage to get a running session, then out of nothing
the blue whale appear, BSOD.

Is this a joke? Are we going to release that in June/July/whenever?

Best wishes


I'm having problems with gnome3 too but as I'm using sid I expect to have some. If they persist I'm going to fill bugs report, in the meanwhile I'm using awesome on my main machine, too (awesome is the window manager of choice for my netbook)

I think you'd better to fill bug reports, without them anyone can fix problems they don't experience on their systems.


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