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Re: Starting services automatically after install

On Sat, Jun 02, 2012 at 04:02:57PM +0300, Serge wrote:
> I'm not experienced in this topic much yet, that's why I'm writing not in
> list, but directly. Feel free to reply into list, if you wish.

I would prefer to keep it on the list for a public archive, and to benefit
the greater admin population.

> I understand both approaches, so here's the question/suggestion.
> If both approaches are valid and there're people who likes each of them,
> then, maybe, we can suit them all.
> Is it possible to configure dpkg (or something else) so that it would not
> start services? I.e. is there some simple option, like:
>   echo START_ON_INSTALL=no >> /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg
> so that one could configure which approach he likes?

This, or a global /etc/default/services (or similar file) for all services.
However, I am calling into question the validity of starting a service by
default post-install. I think it introduces security concerns, possible
headaces on the local LAN, and just unnessary work for the administrator.
Other than "if you don't want a service, don't install the package"
agrument, I don't understand why services _should_ be started by default

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