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Re: Starting services automatically after install

On 01.06.2012 19:22, Aaron Toponce wrote:
> By default in Debian, when a service package is installed, such as
> openssh-server, or isc-dhcp-server, it starts the service. This seems
> counter-intuitive to me. I would think that the standard mode of practice
> for installing and running a service would be as follows:

There are some valid use cases why services should not be run
automatically after installation.
Historically, the information when to start a sysv service (start
priority) was encoded in the update-rc.d call in the maintainer scripts.
As a result, we've seen a lot of those dreadful /etc/default/<service>
files with ENABLE/DISABLE flags.
We do have quite a few services which ship such ENABLE=false default

With the switch to dependency based boot and encoding the relevant
information in the LSB header, it is much simpler to enable or disable
a service.
I think it would be great, if dh_installinit provided a new mode, where
it adds the necessary start/stop calls to the maintainer scripts but
ships the service disabled by default.
I.e. the service would be disabled after the initial installation, the
administrator configures and enables the service, and future updates
ensure that the service is restarted on upgrades as is usually done.


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