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Re: Starting services automatically after install

* Aaron Toponce <aaron.toponce@gmail.com> [120602 16:26]:
> However, I am calling into question the validity of starting a service by
> default post-install. I think it introduces security concerns, possible
> headaces on the local LAN, and just unnessary work for the administrator.
> Other than "if you don't want a service, don't install the package"
> agrument, I don't understand why services _should_ be started by default
> post-install.

Try to see it from the other side: I don't understand why you would a
like a service not started by default. The daemon is there to be run,
so running it is the most sensible approach in almost all cases[1].

If a service comes with a default config that can be a real security
concern, then that alone needs fixing.

As administrator I also prefer that I just have to copy a config and
install the package. Anything not run by default (or at last by
default once its configuration is complete) means I have to
tweak another config file, which is uncessary annoying work.

        Bernhard R. Link

[1] Exceptions being specific things like unconfigured dhcp servers,
but I never met one that would run by default as it first needs a subnet
configured. But if I place a dhcpd.conf at the right location it starts
as it should...

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