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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

Ben Hutchings wrote:
> As will /tmp on a small root partition.
> As will a small dedicated /tmp partition.

The differences between these cases and forcing tmpfs by default is that
in the above cases, the person who installed the system chose those
partition sizes. They are therefore responsible for the breakage they
caused, and they can reason about this: "I told it to make / 200 mb, so
of course it can't write a CD iso there", and fix it.

However, the user who slaps a 2 terabyte disk in, and puts Debian on it,
has not made a choice that explains why Debian fails to burn a CD due
to having ignored all that disk space behind their back.

> We should be thinking about implementing per-user temporary directories
> and making sure that programs respect $TMPDIR.

Absolutely, but it's orthagonal to breaking previously sane defaults in
the size of /tmp.

see shy jo

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