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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

Serge <sergemdev@gmail.com> writes:
> Suggestion
> ==========
> Do not mount /tmp as tmpfs by default. Instead...
> Debian already allows custom partitioning during the system install. For
> example it's possible to mount /tmp on a separate partition. The suggestion
> is to extend partitioner with a new option "Configure tmpfs partitions".
> That option should allow to mount anything as tmpfs (not just /tmp, but
> also /var/run, /media, /opt or whatever the user might want). It would be
> nice to have the `size` option there as well.

You still haven't said what the new default should be.

I think having / and /tmp share the same file system is a bad idea,
because then writing lots of stuff to /tmp would potentially fill up the
root file system (that typically also includes /var) and then cause a
lot of breakage.

However, if I put /tmp in a separate (on-disk) file system, I have to
decide how much disk space to I want to permanently allocate for
temporary data, in addition to the disk space permanently allocated for
swapping. I think separating these two types of storage really doesn't
serve any purpose, and it'd be much better to just allocate one
partition for swapping and temporary files and have the space assigned
dynamically where its needed. Which is exactly what tmpfs allows me to



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