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Debian documentation permalinks

Hi there.

First, here's what I'm talking about - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Permalink Unfortunately Wikipedia doesn't offer permalinks itself, so hopefully the above
link won't "rot".

This was initially in reference to the recent spat of comments/opinions to
"Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useful".

It's sometimes amusing to watch as helpful enthusiasts try to unravel a problem. I nearly deleted the entire thread without giving it a moments thought - I get
a lot of message list email.

What I noticed by its absence was that no-one linked to official Debian policy
detailing the choices made and their justification.

Then it struck me that if such a document existed, it would be subject to change
as Debian policy itself evolved, making any old links nonsensical or

So what I'm requesting is that Debian documentation be "permalink friendly" i.e.
that Debian documentation pages provide permalinks.

It would be even better if they also mentioned the version(s) of Debian they
apply to.

This could be done using the "wayback machine" - here's an interesting example.

From this it's possible to specify a permalink URL even to sites without
permalinks, but note that a version being referenced might be missed or
duplicated, so this isn't an ideal solution.

Philip Ashmore

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