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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

On Fri, May 25, 2012 at 02:22:24AM +0300, Serge wrote:
> I've read across different debates about whether using tmpfs is good or bad
> but I could not find the most important reason, so here it is...

I haven't got anything particularly new to add to the discussion here.
But I would like to refer you to the previous discussion on the
topic.  I am well aware that the default does not satisfy all use
cases, but that's simply not possible for this problem.  The best we
can do is have a good default.  That could be by improving the
tmpfs default sizes and behaviour (my preferred solution).  It could
be by defaulting to not using a tmpfs.  However, the majority of
software which finds the tmpfs too small has unreasonable expectations
of what can be expected to be available (by default).




Also see sysvinit in experimental.

> And the most important thing: file managers, browsers, image editors,
> cd burners — these are not some rare scientific stuff, but a common
> programs, that most people use every day. Putting them on a small tmpfs
> will break them.

Is this because the tmpfs is too small, or because those applications
are broken?  Please see the discussion above first.

> Do not mount /tmp as tmpfs by default. Instead...
> Debian already allows custom partitioning during the system install. For
> example it's possible to mount /tmp on a separate partition. The suggestion
> is to extend partitioner with a new option "Configure tmpfs partitions".
> That option should allow to mount anything as tmpfs (not just /tmp, but
> also /var/run, /media, /opt or whatever the user might want). It would be
> nice to have the `size` option there as well.

I did want to have this for wheezy (#633299).  But I lacked the time
and familiarity with the d-i code, and the d-i developers also have
higher priorities.  I'm sure support for tmpfs in the partitioner would
be welcome if you want to add this functionality.


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