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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs makes it useless

On Vi, 25 mai 12, 17:08:42, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> On 05/25/2012 03:22 PM, Jon Dowland wrote:
> > How much RAM do you have / how big is your /tmp(fs)? The fact this caused
> > you trouble suggests to me that they must be very small.
> >   
> What if we're installing Debian on a very small system, and that
> we need operations with big files in /tmp?
> How much RAM he has is totally irrelevant, the issue will be the
> same if our users have less RAM, or bigger files to handle.

,----[ /usr/share/doc/initscripts/NEWS.Debian.gz ]
| sysvinit (2.88dsf-23) unstable; urgency=low
|   Changes to the configuration and defaults of tmpfs filesystems:
|   [...]
|   In order to improve the default size limits of tmpfs filesystems,
|   it is now possible to configure the size as a percentage of the
|   total virtual memory.  The default for /tmp and /run/shm is now
|   20%VM rather than 20% (RAM).  A tmpfs will only be mounted on
|   /tmp on systems with more than 64MiB RAM.
|  -- Roger Leigh <rleigh@debian.org>  Wed, 18 Apr 2012 23:30:37 +0100

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