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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

> It's beginning to sound like your particular machines need either more
> RAM or to use a different temporary location which is on a permanent
> location. Just add some rules to clean it all up at reboot.
Perhaps there are a couple of thousand users with the same use case, I don't 
know if it is the case but should be investigated rather than discarded.

> That does NOT mean that Debian should change the default just to suit
> low memory devices.
So let's put minimum requirements unnecessarily high so a few people with 
super expensive laptops can have a 0.3μs speedup? (And people with cheaper 
hardware might never find out why the hell "linux" freezes if they click on a 
large tar archive).

> No. The default is fine and sane but no default will ever satisfy every
> possible device. Low memory devices have many many more problems than
> just where /tmp is mounted.
But with tmpfs on disk, more devices would work by default (the ones with a 
lot of memory and disk, and the ones without much memory but with disk space).


Salvo Tomaselli

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