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Re: Moving /tmp to tmpfs is fine

Am 2012-05-25 11:19, schrieb Salvo Tomaselli:
It's beginning to sound like your particular machines need either more
RAM or to use a different temporary location which is on a permanent
location. Just add some rules to clean it all up at reboot.
Perhaps there are a couple of thousand users with the same use case, I don't know if it is the case but should be investigated rather than discarded.

That does NOT mean that Debian should change the default just to suit
low memory devices.
So let's put minimum requirements unnecessarily high so a few people with super expensive laptops can have a 0.3μs speedup? (And people with cheaper
hardware might never find out why the hell "linux" freezes if they
click on a
large tar archive).

Doing that on inferior hardware is just plain stupid. If you have plenty of
disk space, just unpack the tar archive.

No. The default is fine and sane but no default will ever satisfy every possible device. Low memory devices have many many more problems than
just where /tmp is mounted.
But with tmpfs on disk, more devices would work by default (the ones with a
lot of memory and disk, and the ones without much memory but with
disk space).

And those with lots of RAM but not so much disk space (SD card or USB driver or even with no hard drive at all)? There's no solution that works for everyone in all situations. However, tmpfs at least works for many of them. If you KNOW that this default does not fit your use-case, why don't you simply change the


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