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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

Roger Leigh wrote:
> Can't we just do things the Debian way, and just provide them directly
> as conffiles in /etc?  It's nice that systemd provides its mechanism
> to symlink/include the units provided elsewhere, but is this either
> necessary or desirable on a Debian system?

Not having the files in /etc by default does have technical advantages.
It's easier to see what is local non-default configuration. Original
default file is always available in a known location (and very easy to
revert to, temporarily for testing or permanently). You can use
".include /lib/defaultsfile" then override some value, which in most
cases is more maintainable than the 3-way merging required by
"traditional" conffiles.

It's also preferable to avoid unnecessarily differing from the setup
used on other distros.

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