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Re: Licenses not in /usr/share/common-licenses

* Dominique Dumont <dod@debian.org>, 2012-05-07, 14:04:
Converting a plain text file into a debian/copyright paragraph can be boring.

The end of this blog shows a way that is almost as simple as doing a plain copy:


How does it know whether to indent a line by one space[1] or two spaces[2]? I am specifically thinking about avoiding mistakes like this:

[1] Those [lines] starting with a single space are part of a paragraph. Successive lines of this form will be word-wrapped when displayed. The leading space will usually be stripped off. The line must contain at least one non-whitespace character.

[2] Those [lines] starting with two or more spaces. These will be displayed verbatim. If the display cannot be panned horizontally, the displaying program will line wrap them "hard" (i.e., without taking account of word breaks).

Jakub Wilk

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