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Re: Breaking programs because a not yet implemented solution exists in theory (Was: Bug#658139: evince: missing mime entry)

On Wed, 2012-05-02 at 15:30 +0200, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Hi,
> I just would like to warm up this thread a bit because I wonder if a
> solution would be found in time for Wheezy release.  It seems nobody
> really seems to care about those suggested scripts and we are breaking a
> certain amount of programs if mailcap entries are dropped without any
> replacement.  I wonder whether the severity of "important" is to weak to
> reflect this.  Several people in this thread expressed their annoyance
> about this but nothing has happened so far.  If nobody works on
> automatic scripts (which are hard to write as Russ expressed here
> because mailcap has features not implemented in freedesktop.org) should
> we try something else to not spoil the wheezy user experience of terminal
> addicted users?

I'm also not seeing GNOME applications as file type handlers in
Akregator (KDE application).  So I'm not sure this is even 'just' a
problem for text-mode applications.


Ben Hutchings
Design a system any fool can use, and only a fool will want to use it.

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