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Re: Volunteer-initiated team maintenance as a solution for packages with low activity

On 04/18/2012 09:29 PM, Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> ]] Colin Watson 
>> alioth is just a Debian-specific hosting site, not a general gateway to
>> package maintenance.  We're not set up for them to be dispute resolution
>> for the whole of Debian, and they have no constitutional authority to do
>> that anyway.  De-emphasising the role of alioth administration in the
>> whole of this would be a good thing, I think; ownership of the alioth
>> project is often not that desperately important in practice.
> I think I'm speaking on behalf on all the Alioth admins that we'd like
> to avoid being in such a position and role.  I'd rather it went to the
> tech-ctte and we'd just do the technical implementation (mark whoever as
> a project admin).  I certainly don't want to get dragged into what'll
> easily become personal and political conflicts which do not intersect
> with me personally or my areas of interest.

That would require that the tech-ctte's decisions do not take months or
years. They are fast if they really need to be, but in such general
cases the time a descision takes is imho way too long and frustrating
for all involved people. I would prefer a solution which involves the
ctte only if there is no other way.

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