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Re: Packaging of new upstream (pre-)releases until wheezy

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 4:36 PM, Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Apr 2012 20:36:13 +0200
> Svante Signell <srs@kth.se> wrote:
>> Doing that will make the
>> release of wheezy much smoother than trying to fix things in the last
>> minute (and risk that the packages gets excluded from wheezy??)
> Definitely. Whether the new version goes into experimental or into
> unstable, the sooner the uploads are made the better - with the
> requirement that if the changes involve a SONAME change or other
> disruptions, talk to the release team (and wait for a response) before
> uploading.

Well, since now we have a roughly "scheduled" freeze, I can see why a
maintainer might want to postpone the packaging of a new upstream
release (or even skip it) in order to avoid unnecessary work and/or
multiple transitions.

Although I agree that "package early" should be a strong
recommendation, it's entirely up to the maintainers to decide what's
best. I believe the release team can help a maintainer to decide it
too, not entirely sure if that's a common procedure.


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