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Re: Packaging of new upstream (pre-)releases until wheezy

On Sat, 14 Apr 2012 20:36:13 +0200
Svante Signell <srs@kth.se> wrote:

> A question about packaging of some upstream (pre-)releases. It seems
> like many DMs package new releases/fixes bugs closer to the release than
> attending to that now.

... which makes life harder for everyone, so let's not do that this
time ...

> Of course it is a time/resource issue, but
> anyway. Why not package pre-releases in experimental, to squeeze bugs
> out before the new upstream release comes out?

It is a very good use of experimental but there just aren't that many
people running systems with packages from experimental and unstable
gets priority as far as the buildd network is concerned.

If there are concerns that the pre-release isn't ready, push the
release into experimental and ask people to test it.

> Doing that will make the
> release of wheezy much smoother than trying to fix things in the last
> minute (and risk that the packages gets excluded from wheezy??)

Definitely. Whether the new version goes into experimental or into
unstable, the sooner the uploads are made the better - with the
requirement that if the changes involve a SONAME change or other
disruptions, talk to the release team (and wait for a response) before


Neil Williams

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