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Re: bug reports with urls in them

On Mon, Apr 02, 2012 at 09:35:53AM +0200, Michael Welle wrote:
> > So comparing Debian to a commercial organisation doesn't support your case at 
> > all.  Commercial organisations are more than willing to reject some customers 
> > if it makes things easy for them.
> In life I tend to look for role models above me, not below me. Why
> imitate people or companies that do a bad job? We can do better.

Very well said! A sort of role model we have in Debian is: "people who
report bugs and attach patches to them". Would you mind then taking this
discussion to a bug report against the "lists.debian.org" pseudo-package
and attaching a patch to it? That would be a way more appropriate place
for this discussion. (I suggest not to mention "foo.org" verbatim in
your bug report, though.)

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