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Re: bug reports with urls in them


Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:

> On Mon, 2 Apr 2012, Michael Welle <mwe012008@gmx.net> wrote:
>> I agree only partly with that. Losing a bug report or two is one
>> thing. Imagine a potential or actual customer sending an email to a
>> company and getting a response like: 'Well, we don't know on which data
>> we form our opinion, but we think you are a nigerian scammer or you eat
>> kitten babies. Either way, we don't like you, go away.'. That's what's
>> happening. 
> Actually companies do that all the time.  Some corporate web sites used to 
> reject browsers other than IE.  Lots of corporate web sites can't provide full 
> functionality without Flash installed, for example the .au site of almost 
> every car company depended on Flash last time I checked.
> I have debated this issue with web developers in the past and had them tell me 
> that non-IE browsers are only used by 5% of the users and they think it's best 
> to provide a good experience for the 95% even if it means rejecting the other 
> 5%.
I won't comment other companies business models. But to some degree I
can understand that. If you have to pay more money to support some
customers than you can earn from them, well, then you might live happy
without that additional customers. On the other hand there are really
really stupid web sites, that look like they had burned lots of working
hours and they still don't deliver usubillity. We have dropped some
companies that got too annoying (f* up interaction with crappy web
sites, no efficient email communication possible, strange file formats
needed etc.) from our list of suppliers. Often there is a second

> So comparing Debian to a commercial organisation doesn't support your case at 
> all.  Commercial organisations are more than willing to reject some customers 
> if it makes things easy for them.
In life I tend to look for role models above me, not below me. Why
imitate people or companies that do a bad job? We can do better. And of
course, to come back to my initial email, I doubt that using the
blacklist service makes anything easier for Debian.


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