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Re: Standard C Library complance test suite

Oh sorry. I saw BSD MIT not glibc. And I've never heard a complaint about GPL. Kernigan / Ritche wrote C I can't think you'd ever erase that however :) Pascal might be more!

While cygwin may have a "suite" they are a private company I wouldn't bet to dl and use it without a lawyer reading any "corporate provided license" they've wrote, my personal preference that is.

~~ True Public Domain released by by Government (ie, like the speach processing core of "Dragon Speak") are Not always easy to find ~~ Most "free authors" believe GPL is free to use (except in spite of authors). I do.

If they are "valued gov. work" they tend to get shuffled and end up in certain hands.

Good luck.  Sorry if I'm all wet on my eyes not seeing it !


Jonathan Yu wrote:
He mentions in the message that he's looking for one with a more liberal license than GPL, so this seems like a no go.

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