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Re: On init in Debian

On 19/03/12 14:23, Jon Dowland wrote:
>> I just had a look, and no, that's not what metainit does.
>> > What it does is *generating* an init.d script, using the
>> > metainit syntax as input. IMO, just a normal shell script
>> > tiny library to simplify our init.d scripts would be enough.
> So it does more than enough - sounds to me like it meets your
> requirements (in fact exceeds them) and has the added advantage
> that it *already exists* whereas the hypothetical shell script
> library does not.

I didn't know about this metainit thing and it looks awesome.


So we already have a system that generates startup files for both
sysvinit and upstart....

... what about extending it to also support systemd?

We can later request all maintainers to port the startup scripts of
their respective packages to metainit via a new debian standard-version
and also with lintian warnings if a startup script other than the
metainit one is detected on the package.

This can be the solution we are looking to tie together the different
init systems.

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