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Unpleasant upgrades from Squeeze to Wheezy


The upgrade from Squeeze to Wheezy is collecting some unpleasant
problems. They tie large portions of the package space together and make
independant upgrades impossible.

Packages using dh_python2
This packages depend on python (>> squeeze). One example is:
| python2.7, python (>= 2.6.6-7~)
The example package only really needs the versioned package. But because
it uses dh_python2, it pulls in the complete upgrade from 2.6 to 2.7 at
the same time. I thought about just ripping the whole python magic out
completely, but this can't be the solution.

Perl got a new upstream version. Packages using libperl* where rebuilt.
However libperl* is no real library package, because they are no
coinstallable. This ties all the perl using packages together.

ABI change in libsasl2-2
libsasl2-2 seems to have an unannounced ABI change. It collected Breaks
relations to two packages in the meantime and bumped the shlibs version.
This now ties libsasl2-2 tight to several other packages.

I had a lot different stuff written here, but it is just sad, so I
deleted it.


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