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Re: On init in Debian

David Weinehall wrote:
> On my machine (which might not be the least bit representative of an
> "normal" machine -- whatever what would be), the length of the init
> scripts ranges from 8 to 653 lines, with the average being 115 lines.

I got curious. I used my workstation as a basis.

Total Numbers:	87
Mean (Average):	126.02299
Median:		95
Mode:		88,104,159
Pop. Std. Dev:	97.84599
Variance:	9573.83855
High:		436 (checkroot.sh)
Low:		8   (rcS)

> I'd hardly call that short enough to be easy to debug.

I didn't remove comments, or compare against the skeleton (which did get
counted, but I removed README)

Not that I think it matters at all, but I did also find 30 occurences of
sleep being called. Anywhere from .1 seconds, up to 5 seconds.

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