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Re: On init in Debian

On Mar 21, "Bernhard R. Link" <brlink@debian.org> wrote:

> > Non-experts are not able to solve any problem, so this is not an issue.
> I'm really fed up with this elitism.
I am fed up with other cathegories of people, but for some reason the 
Debian listmasters requested that I do not discuss this here.

> There are not only experts and
> people knowing nothing. The is a wide range between.
Yes, I know well this. My point, which obviously passed way over all of 
you, was not that Debian systems should only be serviceable by 
"experts" (whatever this means).

People are not born with an innate knowledge of sysvinit-style init 
scripts, so if they can learn how to debug them then they can as well 
learn how to debug upstart/systemd.
If this were not true then the logical consequence would be to not adopt 
any new technology.


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