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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

>>> Maybe we could  have an intermediate goal to patch any  daemon to add an
>>> option  to not  fork on  start.

>> Yes, please.  All the more so since it is effort well-spent,

> No, this is not an effort well spent. And as already mentioned,
> running the daemon in foreground has unwanted side-effects, like
> making the boot process racy. Unless you provide other mechanisms how
> a daemon can signal that it is ready to process requests.

Aren't the two issues orthogonal?  Whether the daemon should (double-)fork
or remain a child of whoever launched it, and how it signals that any
dependencies are ready to be started?

(There's a third issue, of course, which is whose environment the daemon
should be inheriting -- the sanitised environment of init, or the
environment of the shell of whoever is running "/etc/init.d/foo start"
or whatever.)

-- Juliusz

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