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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

> Maybe we could  have an intermediate goal to patch any  daemon to add an
> option  to not  fork on  start.

Yes, please.  All the more so since it is effort well-spent, as it is
likely to be useful not only for systemd and upstart, but also for
whatever service management daemon comes next.  (Note that I didn't say
"init replacement", since there's no good reason why a service
management deamon needs to run as pid 1 -- it could be launched from
/etc/inittab just as well.)

The runit community have been doing just for the last ten years or so.
Since any self-respecting daemon already has a debug mode where it
doesn't fork (possibly with other side-effects), it's usually a fairly
trivial job.  And upstreams tend to be sympathetic to such minimal
changes that makes peoples' lives easier.

-- Juliusz

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