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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 09:54:56AM +0100, Goswin von Brederlow wrote:

> >> One of the worst contributors to the use of 'script' in upstart jobs
> >> instead of 'exec' is the need for backwards-compatibility with pre-upstart
> >> /etc/default/* files.  The options here are all fairly poor:

> >>  - ignore the admin's /etc/default settings when switching init systems
> >>  - migrate any local changes to /etc/default into the upstart job at
> >>    upgrade time, by editing a conffile in a maintainer script
> >>  - keep sourcing /etc/default at runtime

> >> I guess systemd has largely chosen option 1 (in part because there's a
> >> weird view in the systemd community that these jobs belong upstream, so
> >> Debian integration issues are entirely ignored).  For many upstart jobs in
> >> Ubuntu, we've chosen option 3.  Which do you think is the right solution?
> >> Are there other options I haven't seen?

> > Of those listed above, I'd agree with option 3 or some optimisation of it â??
> > option 2, modified to do the migration at runtime if /etc /default/foo has
> > been modified since last seen, would cover that, I think.

> Do upstart jobs have an include directive?

They support a .override file alongside the .conf, which could be used to
export additional variables to the environment.  That's probably the closest
functional equivalent to an include here, and works without any extra I/O
overhead for additional files, or extra CPU overhead from spawning shells,
in the default case.

Thanks, I hadn't really thought of that before.  I think I may play around
with an /etc/default -> .override on package upgrade, to see how it fares.

(Of course, this does mean that the upstart job and init script would be
*looking at two different* files for their admin-modified configuration, so
that's not an ideal solution for ongoing maintainability in Debian; but it
sounds to me like it's better than nothing.)

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