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pdiff for Translation files, increased times


i took the BSP i am at right now to look at that pdiff shit, and after i
finished yelling at that code, we now are creating pdiff files for
changed Translation-*.bz2 too.

That is, we just started, so there is only the pdiff for the -en file
available, but whenever the other languages get updates they will gain a
.diff too. 

I have no idea if this is support in apt&friends already, but I'm using
the exact same stuff as for the other pdiff files, so shouldn't be too
hard to get into them if not yet.

Also, I changed the amount of pdiff files we store, from 14 up to 56,
which should mean we will go up to around 14 days of pdiff again, from
the ~3.5days we have now.

bye, Joerg
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