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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

On Tue, 28 Feb 2012, Russ Allbery wrote:
> When people are complaining about Canonical's contributor licensing
> agreement, saying that something is appealing because it's a GNU
> project is kind of amusing. I, for one, have even more of a problem
> contributing to FSF projects that require copyright assignment than
> I would contributing to upstart.

The major issue for me is that while the FSF may have problems, it is
a non-profit organization; Canonical is not. In version 2.5 of the
agreement[1] §8 and §12 are problematic too, as they impose an
additional burden on contributors.

Don Armstrong

1: http://regmedia.co.uk/2011/06/14/canonica_contributor_agreement.pdf
I've no clue if this is the current one or not, since it doesn't seem
to be publicly available.
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