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Re: upstart: please update to latest upstream version

I also fail to see how upstart or systemd add anything new while they obscure or delete previous good work (by suggesting init(1) is to be deleted).

Is init not a timeless thing unworthy to plot the removal of ?

------------ why ----------------

Can they not figure out how init(1) works ? Does anything say init cannot start a daemon that launches software as local sites need ?

Are these "daemon managers" ever going to do the work of replacing the work destroyed or claim is now invalid ? (all manuals and softwares referring to init ?)

Does anyone really want insecure dbus sockets launching software and tunneling their host machine as a pre-integrated feature they may not be aware of with "xml scripted security" ? I like dbus but hate it if it's integrated where I cannot decide against possibly running.

Conflicts: startup-tasks, system-services, sysvinit, upstart-compat-sysv, upstart-job

Anything else you wanna conflict (force remove) off the system before running ?  Can I take your order ?

What "upstart or systemd" apparently do is copy left free code to work against other code while integrating a self demand into installation / upgrades for the same. Clearly what debian rules spell out agains: software pre-required that breaks other software. (note debian uses as optional - good)

Sorry if I wasn't more tactful.  I did re-edit it to be more tactful ! :)  But enough for now.

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